Politicians Who Promise Us Less

If we can vote for, and elect politicians who promise us less, there’s a chance that we can rescue the Representative Republic of the United States. The past several decades have seen an ever-increasing cycle of public officials who campaign on a whole host of promises designed to get them into office.

Most, if not all, of these promises are not kept in their purest form. All of them, however, are geared towards an intrusion into what is now an enormous trough of public funds.

Not large enough, however. The fundamental issue is that there is not, and never will be, enough cash to deliver on most of promises made by politicians running on the local, state and federal level. Government by nature is enormously wasteful in its treatment of money.

This has given us an unsustainable system. One based on the concept of an elected official bringing more and more public money back into the individual district or state. Of course, there’s no such thing as the proverbial free lunch. As such, money “received” from one district or state is merely that which is obtained at the expense of a fellow citizen residing elsewhere.

When an overwhelming amount of election promises have been made; when the exorbitant bill is presented to the official and his staff to “pay off” the help enlisted during the campaign; and when the various deals are cut in local boards, state assemblies and Congress, one arrives at our present condition.

Trillions of dollars in debt. A crushing deficit. A dependence on questionable allies with money. The situation in which we find ourselves today.

And this is nothing new.

We have been warned of abusive government spending since the 60s. William Simon, an official in both the Nixon and Ford Administrations, wrote two books about the disastrous results of excessive federal largesse. A Time For Truth and A Time For Action spelled out the effects and consequences of electing officials who promised more, more and then even more. Mr. Simon’s questioning by various Congressional subcommittees is an excellent showcase for the utter ignorance and contempt displayed by public officials when confronted with the realities of an unaccountable system. William Simon eventually left public service and returned to the private sector. He believed the Fed wanted no part of an honest and forthright discourse on economic matters.

This is not a partisan issue. It is a Democratic AND a Republican engendered situation. Both parties are, and have been, culpable. However, there is one other group that shoulders more of the responsibility.

The American public. We have allowed this to happen. We have been convinced that the person, for whom we punch the ballot, is going to “deliver” on his or her campaign promises. Fiscal common sense be damned.

And until we’re ready to vote for officials who have the courage to run promising us less, we will continue to place ourselves, our children and our grandchildren in a continued cycle of higher unemployment, lower productivity and weaker position in the world.

The American public has a choice. Every single election day, we have a choice. The question now is, do WE have the courage to vote for someone who actually stands on a podium and espouses less public money for their represented constituency?

Do we?

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Can I get you a pillow, Mr. Bin Laden?

A reply to Scott Herhold of the Mercury News regarding Intelligence.

Mr. Herhold;

Regarding your article in today’s Merc, perhaps Mr. Panetta and Ms. Feinstein should start looking for Intelligence in our news rooms before searching for it in the Middle-East.

Leon Panetta is a bone.  He was thrown to John Podesta and the Clintons as some sort of payback for getting Mr. Obama into the Oval Office.

Ms. Feinstein, though she is of the distaff side of the Senate, appears to own larger testicles than Mr. Panetta if she was in favor of Mr. Mukasey, Mr. Kappes and the Patriot Act.

This is no time to be playing footsie with terrorists.  Extremely tough and brutal policies have resulted in a rebirth of the asset gathering capability of the Agency, and have thwarted several terrorist plots in their nascent stage.

Should Mr. Panetta institute the Army Field Manual, and eliminate the practice of rendition, you may wake up some morning to find that 755 Ridder Street is under a cloud.

Not a cloud of non-credibility, but of mushroom.

However, Obama has been duly elected.  If he wishes to appoint a man whose sole Intelligence experience is that he reviewed the CIA budget on two occasions, then perhaps Mr. Panetta’s plan is to bore Bin-Laden to death with spreadsheets

Perhaps, in your utopian world, Scott, that is the way to deal with people who hijack airliners, look for new and inventive ways to make and smuggle nuclear material into downtown shopping malls, and routinely skip waterboarding and go straight to decapitations and dismemberment.

The comfort and ‘rights’ of Al-Qaeda are of no concern to me.  It would be best if we continued to make it no concern of our Intelligence Agencies.

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Kooktown USA, The Book

George Young, reporting today from the overseas province of Red China, San Francisco.

I’ve had numerous requests to publish a synopsis of ‘Kooktown USA,’ my book that is currently with its second editor.

Okay, I’ve had three requests.

However, I would like to oblige those three people.  Here is the book jacket description:

Kooktown, USA

Jack Howe, circus impresario and and non-indicted felon, is traveling with The Circus Forus throughout the Midwest.  Jack is also one step ahead of the law as the circus is heavily in debt to several venues from Milwaukee to Cleveland.

He manages to make it to Philadelphia where he steals PT Barnum’s boat, The Roaring Mouse, and takes his motley collection of circus performers and miscreants on an ocean voyage to escape the authorities.

They navigate the route down the Eastern Seaboard of the United States; go around South America and land in gold rush San Francisco.

Along the way they shoot the Governor of Trinidad; run afoul of Caribbean pirates in the Malvinas; rescue an insane former colleague in Panama; and destroy PT Barnum’s other boat, The Zephyr, which had been pursuing them this whole time, in Pearl Harbor.

Once ensconced in the utter chaos that is 1850 San Francisco, Jack’s performers are let loose on the town.  The gene pool of the City by the Bay is polluted forever, and spawns the collection of liberal losers that we have with us today.

The Two-Faced Man marries the city’s undertakers assistant and births the Pelosi clan and their walking corpse, Nancy.  The Flying Sanfilippos, the high-wire act, break into the Mission Dolores and beget The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.  The circuses’ 11 French Clowns sequester themselves in Nob Hill Brothels for a month thereby wreaking irreparable damage on San Francisco for decades as their progeny provide a seemingly endless supply of dolts for our Board of Supervisors.

There are many other genealogies in Kooktown, USA.

So, if you ever wondered, “How did so many freaks end up in San Francisco?”  You now have the answer.

“One day the circus came to town.”

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No Cowboys and No Yankees

George Young reporting LIVE from the land of the Dead Head.

Had to comment briefly on the 44-6 mauling the Philadelphia Eagles laid on the Dallas Cowboys today.

This means that all you gloom and doomers can take your Chicken Little hats and go away. This gives us both a baseball and football season unscathed by the appearance of either execrable team.  I don’t care what the economic picture is, nothing could be better than this sports scenario.

Perhaps we could go stick pins in our Kevin Garnett dolls, and wish bad bouillabaisse upon Les Habs Montreal and truly clear out all the gunk?

That is all.


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Gotham City Scam

After months of breathless reviews of Heath Ledger as The Joker in ‘The Dark Knight,’ I finally rented the movie.

And all I have to say is, “You’ve been had.”

I also have two other comments.



‘Brokeback Mountain’

Yes, it’s true.  I don’t think Heath’s estate needs to stop by The Neighborhood Playhouse, or HB Studios in Manhattan to pick up the keys.  It is not the performance of a lifetime.

As a matter of fact it’s not even the performance of 2008.  That goes to an actor that I like a heck of lot less then Heath Ledger.

Tom Cruise.

Mr. Cruise, as insane as he probably is, brings such a fearless and brilliant quality to the part of Les Grossman in ‘Tropic Thunder,’ that I have to go all the  way back to Leslie Anne Warren’s incredible turn in ‘Victor/Victoria’ to find anything to match the comic virtuosity in this film.

So I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank all the blinkered parrots in my industry who decided that Heath’s drug addiction and gay cowboy chaps were reason enough to anoint him as the new millenium’s Sarah Bernhardt.

Thanks.  You all owe me 2 hours and 34 minutes of my life and $5.41 for the rental.

I’ll charge my own stupidity for the gas to drive back and forth to Blockbuster.


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Sports Report

George Young with today’s sports report direct from the Land of the Self-Indulgent Narcissist.

Very little catches my attention in the world of competitive professional sports.  One ongoing topic is the New York Yankees.  The team I blame for the collapse of the National Pastime.

Ironic, isn’t it?

The organization most closely aligned with Major League Baseball has become a 35 year cancer, eating away at the institution ever since Fat George bought them in the early 70’s.

This year promises to show no improvement in the Bronx.  Shortly after loading up their bloated payroll before last season, and failing to even make the playoffs in 2008; in 2009, Fat George’s Fat Sons bought Fat CC Sabathia, Chubby AJ Burnett, and the latest Steroid Monster, Miguel Texeira.

I believe that’s pronounced, “Tex-A-Ria.”  Or, should be.

And what are we to think of this?  It was evident by the Yankee’s team ERA of about 5 million last year that pitching was their undoing.  At least that’s the conventional wisdom in the failed socially-engineered neighborhood known as The Bronx.

Most normal people, however, feel that the Yanks and Fat George invite bad JuJu upon themselves every time they pay too much money for Ed Whitson, Butch Hobson, Alex Rodriguez and the post-game meal.

The world was willing to forgive his Fatness for signing Jason Giambi, but putting A-Rut in the same infield with Anabolic Face Jeter pushed us over the edge.  It was bad enough watching the motion-sickness inducing Yankees win 4 World Series in 5 Seasons in the late 90’s, but then we had to hear about how the new Millenium was going to be just like the 50’s, when Mickey, Whitey, Yogi, Doc, Bashful, Sleepy and Dopey went to Big Dance 8 out of a possible 10 times.

Wishing better things for the planet, the Baseball Gods roused themselves.  They assembled a very good Angels team (How appropriate), finally forgave the Red Sox for selling the Babe, and let the Yankees go to the Series  two more times just to watch their fat asses slip on a national banana peel and lose to Bingo Long’s Traveling All-Stars and Motor Kings, otherwise known as the Arizona Diamondbacks, in 2001 and some minor league team from Okeefenokee in 2003.

It appears the new Millenium has been more like the 80’s for the Yankees, a decade where they finished second about 15 times in 10 seasons . . . at least that’s what it felt like back then.

So, here’s to the 2009 baseball season.  We can watch as CC (Chubby Squared?) Sabathia tries to squeeze into David Wells old uniform.  We can groan as AJ Burnett beats the Blue Jays every start, but cheer as he can’t get out of the 3rd inning against the rest of the league.  And we can spend 162 games trying to pronounce Miguel Texeira’s name.

Other than that, let us all pray that come October, The Fat Brothers are at home in the Fat Cave writing checks to some more overweight and overrated players.

After all, that’s what they’re really good at it.


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Merry Christmas

This is George Young, reporting from Stonerville, California.

I did start out the day hopeful, much as the front part of that adjective is much overused this year, and have continued to be so.

Save for reading an editorial from five of my favorite people at the paper formerly known as The San Jose Mercury News.

The fab five are what remains of the editorial board of the Merc.  And, to their credit, they do write me back the majority of the time.  Of course most of their responses are along the lines of Karnak the Magnificent, ie, “May a diseased Yak nurse its young in your shorts,” and other such mature and helpful comments.

Today The Five, since it is Christmas week and they’re even less productive than usual, if that’s possible, did a cut-and-paste job on the 4000th editorial decrying the somewhat forthright and vitriolic personality of Dick Cheney.

If the editorial board thinks Dick was an interesting Veep, wait until Joe The Gaffe Machine gets going.  The Merc doesn’t have enough staff to keep Biden’s missteps, misstatements and missed opportunities OUT of the press.

However, to today’s insomnia cure.  Please visit mercurynews.com to find the editorial.

I won’t belabor the obvious attack of Journalistic Tourette’s that the editorial border suffers.  Suffice it to say that their three biggest complaints are our invasion of Iraq, torture/wiretapping and the economy.

Which leads me to believe this editorial was from 2005 since the Iraq War has turned around to the point where the Dems couldn’t even use it during the campaign; we haven’t been attacked on our soil since 9/11; and Cheney can SHARE in the blame for the economy, but really now, there are several hundred Congressman that helped sink us.

However, when you spend all this time in the tank, your brain does become waterlogged, and the editorial board of the Merc really should come up for air.


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Inaugural Any Third Party

Reporting from the Occupied Territory of San Francisco, CA, otherwise known as ‘Kooktown USA,’ this is George Young.

I was not sure what I wanted to write about for the inceptual posting on Kooktown USA.  After a bit of thought, I decided to propose to anyone listening that we undertake the massive overhaul of the United States Government.

Twenty years of bad leadership, not to mention bad spending and bad policy, has led this conservative to the assumption that neither Republican nor Democrat serve the American people anymore.

My concept for the elimination of both parties is simple.  During the mid-term (Already?) elections, when you enter the voting booth, skip the Republican and Democrat candidate for Senate and the House, and find some Third Party that piques your curiosity.  No one running for office is perfect, but it’s a foregone conclusion that, if by some miracle, we can have a Senate and House made up of Libertarians, Socialists, Evangelicals, and Progressives, the United States will stand a much better chance of cleaning up the swamp that is now the District of Columbia.

Yes, I know.  Not possible.

Which then begs the question, “How did this happen?”

How did we get to a point in our incredible history that a government takeover of banks, car manufacturers and insurance companies is greeted with such an exasperated apathy?

Call it a bailout, a loan, whatever you wish, it does not matter.  The government is nationalizing these industries.  We’re headed for a Western Europe and Scandanavian life.  If you want prolonged unemployment, and bad services, just continue to sign onto this notion of Big Therapeutic Government.

If you think the government can run anything, you’ve really not been paying attention.  Don’t care if you’re a Liberal or a Conservative, or somewhere in between.  The Feds are the least efficient, and most corrupt organization in our country.

Entrusting them with any institution is a huge mistake.

If this is allowed to continue, this recession will last for years and not months.

So, while the Any Third Party idea is great in theory, it won’t work in reality.

Therefore, I ask anyone who has stumbled on Kooktown USA.

What can we do?

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